Nice to meet you, Wani-san

So last weekend I went to Ishinomaki and Matsuhima, in the northern part of Japan, with some friends of mine.  We stayed overnight at a very nice ryokan (Japanese inn) in Ishinomaki.  While there, we were treated to the sight of the most unusual inhabitant of an upstairs corridor: Wani-san.

"Wani" is the Japanese word for an alligator or crocodile, which to my knowledge are not present in Japan.  This guy isn't all that badly taxidermed, but check out the eyes... they appear to be marbles!  Plus, you know, it's not all that common to find an alligator on the wall.


Ida-no pro taxidermist

Searching through Etsy I stumbled across a person who claims to be a professional based out of my old stomping grounds with a rather sassy attitude. Going through was a tad painful:


The wolf was just the start with it clobbered on jawset and derpyhooves style eyes.


A rather terrified and sadly poorly done mountain lion cub

And even a rather angry looking yote:

Disapproving coyote :P

I also have some shots from a Texas outdoorsman shop with some less than approving traditional mount yotes and racoons that I will post when I can find the memory card :P
Wulz, Cat

Anyone Remember This?

I'm looking for a taxidermy piece that I could swear was posted on this community a while back. It was a housecat whose mouth had been replaced with a vulva, and in the comments someone made a "Yo, we put a pussy on your pussy" joke. I want to show it to my friends, but I can't find it in the archives and am wary of Googling "cat taxidermy vulva".

Taxidermy Truck

I don't even know how I feel about this...

Apparently, this truck is famous locally in Brunswick Georgia. My partner linked me to this from a friend and I had to share. This photo is not taken by me.
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I don’t usually name hides that are most likely going to end up with someone else, but when I got this realllllly old, reallllllly fragile, and realllllllly cranky (and slightly derpy) coyote rug, he told me to call him “Roberto”. Complete with cheesy accent.

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